How we started?

Sometimes, a casual conversation can change your life. At least, for our founders, this is indeed the case. They are a pair of friends who are full of enthusiasm for jewelry. During their meeting at the weekend, they discovered the fact that the quality of creative accessories is often not lasting enough. However, the expensive fine jewelry is beyond the affordability of most people, and the design cannot meet the daily needs.

Why is the choice so limited? Why can we only choose between price and quality?

We found a friend who has been working in the jewelry industry for many years. We slowly uncovered the secret. We realized that the current business model of the jewelry industry is the cause of its high price. At this time, the three founders decided to combine their respective advantages in marketing and jewelry design and production to set up their jewelry brands to provide jewelry with amazing quality at an accessible price.





How to offer better products at better prices?

We are completely based online, which enables us to avoid expensive store operation costs. We cooperate with the same factories that produce luxury brands at the source of production to carry out product customization and direct quality control. This enables us to win more price advantages and enable most consumers to buy jewelry of the same quality at affordable prices.



What does Jurielle represent?

Juri stands for jewelry. elle means "her" in French. Jurielle is designed for women. Our inspiration comes from you: real, mindful, and positive women.


What We Believe?

We believe jewelry should become a part of women's daily wear like clothes and shoes, and should be fun, convenient, and varied. We work with top jewelry manufacturers and are committed to outstanding craftsmanship. We liberate from middlemen and provide jewelry directly to consumers, making jewelry a landscape that embellishes daily life, not just items used on special occasions.

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