Couple Pendants Bracelet


We take love/friendship as the original intention and use the bracelet as a witness of friendship and love.One bracelet has mountain, one bracelet has sea, The vow made when men and women love each other, love must be eternal like mountain and sea. The word "囍" represents happiness on top of happiness, double happiness at the door, adding blessings to your love/friendship again.

The length of the bracelet is 7.1" to 9.5" length for women, 8.6" to 11" length for men . Adjustable length make it comfort-fit any wrist.You can adjust the length of the bracelet as you want easily.

High quality wax ropes copper pendants( ocean and mountain and "囍") bells. The pendant accessories on the bracelet are highly polished and precision electroplated, which can retain the color for a long time.Durable braied rope style,Hand weaving.At the end of the rope, we have done wax drop treatment which is not only beautiful, but also not easy to loosen. We have removed all concerns for you.

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Product Care:

Clean with mild soap and water and dry with soft cloth. Avoid jewelry cleaner, abrasive chemicals, and sonic jewelry cleaners.

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