How to choose the perfect earrings for your face shape

When we are choosing earrings, we often find that the style of the earrings we prefer is not entirely suitable for our natural shape, which undoubtedly cancels out the beauty we want to show to the world. Faced with a wide variety of designs, design elements also have their own roles to play in earrings for your face shape.

How do we figure out what works best for us in both style and design?  The key goal is in the face shape.

Face shape is an important criterion that we often mention but is often confused with something else. There are two things to focus on. One is the understanding of the face shape, and the other is the recognition of the face and earring selection criteria as they relate to each other. Before choosing the earrings of your choice, these are two significant barriers that need to be broken.

Diamond face: If your cheekbones are relatively prominent on your entire face as a whole, if the lines of the lower half of the face are concentrated at the chin so that the lower part of the eye shows a distinct inverted triangle shape, all while the sides of the brain are relatively concave, then you what is called a diamond shaped face. People with this shape often appear to be more serious and aggressive, since the sharp lines of your cheek bones and chin are accentuated.  If you have more meat in your cheese naturally, this can fill in those sharp curves.

It must be stated in advance that it is important for us to choose the earrings to artificially soften the lines of the face.  So, with earrings for a diamond shaped face, it is a good choice to choose a style that can fill the upper and lower parts at the same time. Compared with other face types, we recommend medium and longer length earrings, especially those that have a certain curve in the overall design.  Go for fancy designs rather than monotonous.  This type of earring adds a nice layering and softening effect to your temperament, which is precisely the look that you should be going for.

Heart face: The heart-shaped face has some similarities with the diamond face. The difference is that the upper part of the chin of the heart-shaped face is softer and the lateral length is wider, so the center of gravity of the earring style needs to be balanced for the benefit of the chin. This face shape is wide at the top and narrow along the bottom.  This translates to being softer on the top and firmer and harder on the bottom.  So for earrings for heart shaped faces, we highly recommend the chandelier or the teardrop type earring style. These earrings are characterized by a bottom that is wider than the top. The design below will be more detailed and richer than that above, as it helps to fill the lower part of the face, making your face more balanced overall.

Round face: The contour of a round face is very soft, and, as far as “chiselled feature” go, lacks a central focus. With earrings for round shaped face, we recommend the choice of long pendant earrings.  This style can effectively lengthen the visual direction and it will help to make your face look slimmer while but also stretching the lines of the neck. Please avoid the earrings with full roundness, as they only accentuate the round face.

Oval face: For those who have such a shapeface, it is fortunate that it is almost complementary to all styles of earrings.  There is no concern of harsh lines or missing features with earrings for oval shaped faces.  For this type of face, we recommend that the earrings should have some lines to show the cheekbones, so as not to lose focus, and avoid the sharpness caused by excessive length. The earring we recommend has some draping, but they don't stretch the face too much, either.

Square Face: This type of face is relatively average, and there is a need for earrings for square shaped faces that soften the hard edges of the face. For this type of face, pearl earring is a good choice, and round and oval earrings are also ideal to accentuate the right features. This modern filigree cultured pearl sterling silver earring set is your best choice for all of the accentuation you are looking for when looking at earrings for square faces.

Triangular face: The forehead of this type of face is as narrow similar to the diamond face, but the lower jaw is wider. We suggest that it should be the same as the heart-shaped face: choose the narrow and wide teardrop type earrings, but in terms of length, the lower part of the face will be longer, the direction is narrower than the heart-shaped face and not as soft. Therefore, we recommend that earrings for triangle shaped faces should have a certain length.

Rectangular face: A rectangular face has a longer length than a square face and is slightly longer and thinner than an oval face. Since the lower part of the face will be wider, it’s not recommended that you use long earrings for rectangle shaped faces. In order to lessen the square sense of the face, it is also necessary to use a circular and elliptical shape. It is very good to add a shiny round rivet or button earring at the stud centre itself. It will widen and plump up the middle part of your face to minimize some of the shape’s natural height.


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