The best customs clearance tips to buy the perfect engagement ring

  • A girl named“oneness”——ready.
  • One decision calls “lifetime”——check.
  • Confirm love lasting forever——action.

Okay, it’s finally the right time to select an engagement ring for your loved one.

For most men, however, picking the right engagement rings for women is a challenging task, especially when looking for cheap but quality engagement rings. But to some degree, this is an important point for the future of your relationship. It’s all about how you are willing to enter a new stage together. It’s not a stage you’ll want to make a mistake in, after all.

Well, in order to help these dizzy men to cross the dangers of this jewel-filled world, we decided to temporarily set up a supply station called "Promotion of Marriage Alliance" to make sure that everyone adventure to engagement rings and promise rings is as successful as possible. Here’s everything to know about the “weapon” which named engagement ring.

Q1:About ammunition

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

Establishing a budget before entering a jewelry store is a necessary step so that the jeweler can show you alternatives within acceptable limits, and you don't have to sway between style and price.  In the 1940s, Debeers invented an embarrassing advertisement to promote a capitalist declaration that "a man should spend three month’s worth on an engagement ring." This is not sound advice and is, thankfully, out dated.  “How much should I spend on buying an engagement ring?” a lot of people who ask before buying an engagement ring. The answer we give is: showing your intentions to your fiancée and allowing her to see just how important he or she is to you will be the proper amount to spend.  On the other hand, according to the survey, more and more young people think that spending 100-200 dollars is ideal for buying engagement rings.

Q2:Weapon type

What styles are there of engagement rings for women? How should I make a choice?

There are three parts of the engagement ring that need to be carefully considered and selected. These are: band, setting and diamond.

Band: the most common material types are gold, rose gold, platinum, and silver. 925 silver is one of the most durable, cosmetically appealing metals that you can choose for a modern day engagement ring. It is one of the most popular metals as a result. These metals can also be mixed, such as silver plated. As 925 silver is very easy to oxidize, it is often gilded for protection, and this method also enhances the brightness of the appearance. Currently the most popular is the silver style.  Considering that the wearer is your future wife, you’ll want to take her preferences into consideration without question. The gold material is easier to polish and therefore brighter than platinum, but its soft nature also makes it more prone to wear. Platinum is relatively durable, but it is also very easy to become dull and the gloss is lost.

The setting refers to the design of the diamond and band connection. There are several major designs for your choice. The most popular ones include:

Bezel setting


Tiffany setting



Eternity band


Channel setting


Now it's time to focus on the most critical part of a promise ring or engagement ring: DIAMONDS. We will introduce the choice of diamonds from two important perspectives; the quality and the cut. First, the quality and cost of a diamond depends on four main factors, which are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, aka the 4C dimension.

For a certification you can trust, the Gemological Institute of American (GIC) offers an impressive 4C certification step that will protect the overall quality of the ring in its money-back guarantee.  It will grade the ring on its appearance as well as its symmetry and will let you know of any polishes on the stone of the ring.  Regardless of your preferences, you should always get a ring verified by GIA or a similar organization such as IGI or AGS.  This is a big purchase, so make sure that you can trust it.

CUTTING refers not to the natural shape of the diamond, but to the angle and proportion of the stone after cutting. This factor is an important consideration in determining whether a diamond is shiny enough. Diamonds are available in a variety of COLORS, ranging from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). Colorless diamonds are the rarest and most expensive, while white is the most popular.

CLARITY mainly refers to the amount of inclusions inside the diamond, including other minerals in the diamond and tiny cracks inside. The less inclusions, the more transparent the diamond looks. The CARAT weight will directly determine the value of this romantic weapon, but we recommend that you do not need to pursue this excessively, because it can be made more valuable by the jeweler's proper installation and shaping.

Here are the main options for the shape of the diamond in an engagement ring:

Engagement rings became popular in the 1940s when the slogan “A Diamond is Forever” started with DeBeers company.  It gained worldwide recognition and everyone soon wanted a diamond ring to celebrate an engagement.  The entire purpose of the campaign was to draw attention to the jewel company and promote sales.  It’s safe to say that it worked very well.

While it may have been relevant in those times, today’s day and age shows a variety of options in terms of the stone choice.  Just another way to explore the idea of self expression.

For example, there are many people today who opt for a lot of really unique stones such as opals, moonstones, sapphires and even diamond substitutes such as zircon, moissanite and more.  While often scoffed at by diamond enthusiasts, zircon has been highly regarded since ancient Greece. When choosing a unique stone for an engagement ring, the focus becomes more on the setting and the actual cut of the stone itself.






Cubic Zirconia



Okay!  Now that you know exactly what you have to in order to pick the right diamond engagement ring, cheap engagement ring or even cubic zironconia engagement ring, you are ready to start searching for the ring of your choosing.

  • Launch coordinates: proceeding the wedding prelude
  • Landing address: the ring finger of your beloved
  • Weight-bearing: a lifetime commitment

Are you ready for the most important launch of your life?

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