Jewelry is the Armor of a Working Woman

What is Jewelry?

Jewelry is an exquisite piece of metal (conventionally), designed with intricate stones and detailing, that represents the class and style of the person wearing it. It is a symbol of one’s personal style and personality. It is piece of art. Watches, earrings, necklaces, broches, bracelets, anklets, sterling rings, statement rings, cocktail rings, ear studs, nose pins and nose rings are all pieces of jewelry that are worn in this modern era.

Why Do Women Wear Jewelry?

Jewelry is worn by women for beautification and representation of their personal style. It empowers women and helps them feel more confident and positive. Some pieces of jewelry are worn as a reminder of an intimate memory for a woman, for example a wedding cocktail ring. Other times, jewelry pieces are worn as a symbol of a family, passed on from generations to generations as a family heirloom. Women also buy jewelry as an investment, to potentially safeguard their money and sell at higher prices. Some women also wear jewelry to silent their superstitious beliefs and fears. It gives them a sense of security.

Whatever the reason is, a piece of jewelry can always be a woman’s best friend. It speaks louder than her words. The size, style and color of jewelry worn by a woman can tell her interests and her personality. In fact, it can be a source of empowerment for her.


The History of Jewelry

Prehistoric Neanderthal (a previous generation of extinct archaic humans) made the first piece of jewelry from sea shells and beads 115,000 years ago. Since then, many civilizations came and introduced their jewelry according to their culture. For instance, 5000 years ago, Egyptian dynasty developed their jewelry, which is known for its large designs with massive detailing, made purely from gold and expensive and rare stones. It symbolized religious and political supremacy and power. The Greeks in 500 BC also used gold with amethysts, pearls and emeralds, to represent a bright yet elegant generation of jewelry worn to represent wealth and status. Romans also wore delicate designs, specifically brooches to attach their piece of clothing, to ward off evil eye. In the Renaissance by the 17th century, many cultures fused together in Europe and only the most delicate, intricate and exquisite style of jewelry arose, that was worn to represent the grandeur and magnificence of the greatest civilization of artists and their admirers, that ever stood. In the Indian subcontinent, the jewelry ornaments were large and made from the most expensive metals and stones, that represented royalty in the area. The carvings on the jewelry presented the lifestyle of Indian royals. All the styles of jewelry were unique in their own way.

Some Famous Pieces of Jewelry Around the Globe

The Hope Diamond

Valued at $250 million, the hope diamond is 45.42 carat dark grayish-blue diamond, known for its rich history. This diamond was discovered in the India in 1666 and passed through a line of French rulers with the name “French Blue”, eventually being stolen and cut down. Henry Philip Hope reintroduced the stone in his collection in late 1839, where it passed through a few owners and got eventually donated to Smithsonian Institution.

The Peacock Brooch

Displayed at TEFAK luxury art in 2013, designed by Graff Diamonds and valued at $100 million, this peacock brooch has 120.81 carat of diamonds in total. It has 1,305 gemstones colored in white, yellow, orange, pink and green. This remarkable beauty has been under the awe since then.

The Pink Star

Discovered in 1999 in South Africa, this piece vivid pink diamond of 59.6 carats is valued at $71.2 million. It is designed in the form of cocktail ring. Chow Rai Fook Enterprises in Hong Kong bought the diamond in 2017.

Revolution of Jewelry

The jewelry of today has been a product of thousands of years of jewelry revolution. Many cultures in the 19th and 20th century blended to produce the modern designs. The jewelry of current era emerged from many civilizations to produce a delicate and elegant piece of wearable art that transforms one’s style statement. With the advancement of technology, the design and production of small and delicate everyday wear jewelry has never been easier. Delicate jewelry, like cocktail ring, statement ring and sterling rings have become a part of daily attire.

Jewelry - The Armor of Working Women

With the advancement of time, the patriarchal society transformed into a society that is more accepting and welcoming towards women, with a few exceptions. Women of today work besides men to be an economic asset towards their households and society. Their style, attire and accessories are equally formal as men. A working woman has her own style statement that can be reflected from her attire in front of her business partners or colleagues.

Elegant piece of jewelry is the most important part of a working woman’s style statement. She does not want to look too plain and simple. She does not want to look too intimidating. She wants to look an exact proportion of elegance and sophistication her work demands. She wants herself to be charismatic and empowered.

Small, delicate and elegant jewelry, makes all of her expectations come true. A nice pair of watch and glasses, coupled with small earrings, thin necklace and small rings like cocktail ring, sterling ring or statement ring, are a true style statement for her. For office events, she can accessorize herself with bold a bold piece of jewelry worn with an elegant dress, that can make a huge style statement in front of her colleagues. Jewelry can be an armor for woman, protecting her from insecurities and anxieties of the complex office environment. It is a source of power for her.

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