How To Choose The Right Necklace Length For You

Necklaces are the focal point in women's clothing. When you see a woman, your eyes beam first on her necklace by natural inclination. It crowns up a woman’s style. Using this jewel sounds pretty straightforward, wrap it around your neck and clasp, and you can be on your way. But it’s not that simple, have you ever had an experience with a necklace tightly wrapped around your neck and thus making it difficult for you to breathe properly? Or with one that doesn’t lap properly around your neckline? I bet you have, as these embarrassing situations are not uncommon.

Necklaces are available in varying lengths. There are many factors to consider when choosing a necklace, they include: the style of clothing you plan to wear, the type of your neckline; your natural characteristics such as face, height, size and more. A necklace of apt length helps shapen your face and naturally enhances your beauty. If you choose a necklace length that is rather inappropriate, it is likely to highlight your flaws and even ruin your style generally. The big question then is, how do you know the necklace length that will suit you perfectly? Well, we have got you covered, here are some targeted tips to help you. After all, we want your necklace to be a subtle adornment, not an annoying mess.

14-18” Necklace


14” Necklace – 35cm Wraps closely around the neck

The 14-inch necklace is called the collar, it is also referred to as a bold statement necklace. It is often tied tightly around the neck to emphasize its slenderness and appealing lines. This size necklace is best suited for V-neck or scoop necks, the off-shoulder style and sling are also well matched, leaving a good space for the neck and shoulders. Velvet, metal, ribbon, lace or beaded rhinestones, Chokers show different styles with different materials, it is the carrier of personality. If you have beautiful neck lining and shoulders, you can choose this style to show off your charm.


16” Necklace – 40cm Hits at the base of the clavicle

The 16-inch is the shortest available size for many high-end retailers, and gives much more space than the 14-inch necklace. It's a great choice when you want to wear a high neckline but need a more comfortable feel. When you want to use a 16-inch necklace with an off-shoulder or V-neck style, you can choose a style with a tassel pendant. The straight drape can extend the vision well, divide the neckline appropriately, space and highlight your collarbone. This and the 14-inch necklace are bold statement necklaces.


18” Necklace – 45cm Just below the throat at the Collarbone

The 18-inch necklace is called the princess necklace and is the most common necklace length. For most people, 16 inches is too short, so 18 inches is their ideal choice, also known as the "standard" necklace length. This length can meet different needs, whether you want to rock the regular round neck shirts, or V-neck shirts, slings and so on. It usually consists of a simple gold or silver chain with stones, beads, letter combinations or metal pendants. Compared to the 14-inch and 16-inch lower notes, it is the perfect length to showcase your charm.


20-24" Necklace

20” Necklace – 50cm Sits a few inches below the Collarbone

22" Necklace – 56cm Often hits between the chest

24” Necklace – 61cm Lays on the neckline

The 20-24-inch necklaces are called matinee necklaces, perfect for both business and casual wears, it is meant to make a statement! This length of necklace is usually beaded, with different layers and lines to add more layerings. 20-22 inches generally fall under the collarbone; 22-24 inches fall under the neckline and is well suited for low shirts, dresses, and turtleneck sweaters. For women with a large neck or chest, choose a 20-22-inch necklace as a pendant necklace, and a 22-24 necklace to showcase their style.


36” Necklace – 91cm Hangs at the base of the bra

30-inch necklaces are opera, and longer lengths are collectively called ropes or lariats. These longer styles are popular in bohemian, suitable for high collar and evening wears. Usually, I like to mix and match different lengths to create the illusion of multiple necklaces, with a sense of layering. The design of the tassels in the long necklace is also a very popular design. The excessive length is finally gathered on a line, hanging under the chest, extending the length of the torso, the visual effect is better, and often can be displayed with the appropriate clothing style. A special feeling.

Now that you have understood the various necklace lengths, let's talk about how to choose the length of the necklace according to your natural characteristics.


Body type

Flat chest, thin body: choose a thin necklace, avoid necklaces that are too long.

Full body: the length of the necklace should not be lower than the breast, to avoid over-emphasizing the chest, and hence losing the balance of attention.


Face shape

Round face: Longer necklaces (20-24 inches in length) are more suitable because they help to lengthen the chin line. Short necklaces usually don't look too good on a round face.

Heart-shaped and rectangular faces: The shorter necklaces (14-18 inches in length) look cuter, and helps soften sharp corners of the chin.

Elliptical Faces: Elliptical faces usually look elegant and have no defects, hence they are left with the wider spectrum of choices.



The optimal length of the necklace is closely related to the height of the woman. Choosing a long necklace will overwhelm the petite woman, and a short necklace is likely to be flat on a tall woman. If you are a woman under 160 cm, try to choose a necklace length on the collarbone or above. If your height is between 160-170 cm, try necklaces of different lengths. If your height is over 170 cm, the longest or shortest necklaces can make you look amazing, because the ratio can be cut to the extreme.

Use this guide as a base point but more importantly, follow your instincts.

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