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Jurielle presents to you our latest trends and exciting new options. It is our responsibility to make you look good, and we are so passionate about this, seeking ways to ensure you make the best option. Remember, happy customer, happy Jurielle.

Are you in search of the perfect festival  jewelry gift for your lover? Well, here are three fascinating options you can explore, these jewelries are extremely praiseworthy and eye-catching. Peruse on:

Initial ring and necklace

Entreat that special person in a most spectacular way with this necklace. Show him how irreplaceable he is to you, by being so thoughtful as to get him this amazing present. The Juri Ellen’s initial necklace features unique letter designs, pick a necklace with a pendant of  the letter that spur up your lovable memories, and have it create an unforgettable impression in the heart of your lover. It is ideal for anniversaries.

  • The initial necklace features a single letter of the alphabet as its pendant. We recommend you select one with a letter that has a lot to say about your relationship so that your memories are ever fresh as long as the necklace exist. Let this necklace be a reminder of your love, family or friendship.
  • Worn  in a single chain, it signifies companionship and care, but when the chain is stacked into double rows, that is romance.
  • The creative Zircon embellishing the curvy letter pendant causes it to glimmer. Adorn yourself  with this beautiful piece, and reveal the beautiful curves of your neck. Casual and elegant, this necklace is ideal for various occasions. 



Initial necklace simple and classic, this fashion alphabet necklace makes an adorable gift for loved one. Crafted in high quality 925 silver, this pendant necklace features one alphabet setting with some sparkling gemstones to attract people, and there are some different alphabet to meet you different needs.

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Exquisite and stunning, these hoop earrings show unique and pristine beauty with its exquisite workmanship. Crafted in high quality 925 silver, there are many styles to give you different wearing experience.A piece you can hold on to forever (to pass on or keep all to yourself). 

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Three stones mother’s ring

Adorn your mother's finger with this beautiful ring specially made fir the mothers? The mother’s ring tradition has a long history. The most common mother ring features a single or multiple birthstone in a round, square or oval shape. Where the color of the birthstone represents the birth-month of the child. Platinum, sterling silver, gold and rose  gold are the most commonly used metals for the design of the mother’s ring.

Over the course of time, Juri Elle have noticed the preferences of mothers as regards the design of the mother’s ring, and observed that it tends towards the cocktail ring design. The three stones on the ring also, mothers prefer they are uniform in size, and arranged in a row. However, our major concern is on the birthstone, and precisely, on adding personality elements. It is believed that the wearer’s mother is the sweetest gift. Make your mother feel special with this perfect gift piece.



This exquisite women's band features the unique setting of stones.Beautifully crafted in sterling silver, this entrancing design features three heart-cut stone at the center.Every stone can hold a different meaning and reflects the journey of your life together. An extravagant and unusual look, like stars and planets adorning the clear night sky, this exquisite band is a dazzling anytime accessory.

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Girls prefer the seven-color flower as it has a romantic fairy tale. We also look forward to happiness at our fingertips and never grow up. Let that side of yourself shine with the colorful marquise ring—Wish Flower Ring. Illusory dreams are, gorgeous as well.

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Heart shaped engagement ring

In the 16th century, Queen Mary of Scotland presented heart shaped diamonds to Queen Elizabeth as a symbol of goodwill and friendship. At that time, due to the unavailability of modern sophisticated tools, the heart shape was very difficult to achieve, hence the gift was indeed precious.

Today however, this incredible cut has become a universal symbol for the commemoration and expression of love.

This hear shaped ring is ideal for your engagement, the left and right parts of the shank are mirrored, the center stone rests on a three-pronged setting. A perfect inspiration of love.



This ring will capture your heart at first sight. Crafted in sterling silver, the ring features a pure white heart-cut center stone set on a nickel-free 925 Sterling Silver shank. It’s an ideal choice to commemorate one of the most unforgettable moments of your life with it.

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Crafted in sterling silver, this cheap engagement ring showcases a magnificent heart-shaped center stone standing tall in the four-prong setting and two rows of shimmering Baguette-shaped stones are paved along the shank to perfect the design and add extra sparkle to the ring.

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A combination of classic sterling silver and a pretty gemstone creates a classic and timeless style that will never go out of fashion.This silver ring features a heart cut-stone standing tall in a three-prong setting, this silver ring is going to be one that you want to keep forever and will beautifully complement your look. 

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Love is in the air - and on her finger - with this splendid engagement ring. Crafted in sterling silver, this ring features a magnificent heart-shaped center stone standing tall in the three-prong setting. A halo heart-frame of smaller round stones wraps this center stone in a sparkling embrace, while additional stones line the ring's twist shank evoke sophisticated beauty that cannot be duplicated.

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