Jewelry Ensemble Of Autumn Wedding

As the heat gradually dissipates, the cool breath of early autumn begins to invade our lives. In the transition from late summer to early autumn, the first reminder you get that summer has come to an end is not even the feel of the weather, but a steep increase in the series of wedding invitations. Early autumn holds the record for the peak period of wedding celebrations, for newlyweds, it is also typically the most ideal wedding time. As the air cools, the atmosphere of love continues to blossom, just the best time to say "I do."

Determining the perfect piece to match your autumn wedding dress is usually a minefield, especially with the very vast range of choices. Juri Elle offers the possibility to collect the colors of autumn in your closet whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, relative or guest. Perfect autumn wedding, perfect autumn style.Our collections offer a very rich autumn color palette. When it comes to autumn, the mild orange tinge comes to mind, reminiscent of harvest, life and great women. The above rings are decorated with ornate center-stones, standing tall in a four-prong setting, with small round-cut gems on the wavy bands, playing the role of a guardian, wrapping the center stone in a sparkling sensation around the finger; the elegantly stacked design evokes an exquisite beauty that cannot be reproduced. Love is in the air and on her finger as well, with these gorgeous autumn ring.

The tree of life has a close-knit connection with the falls. It is eager to reproduce the prosperity of summer in another form, signifying the endlessness of life. When the tree of life is presented in the shape of an intricate jewel, it has even more embellishing features. This life-tree necklace is undoubtedly delicate and sparkling, in its attempt to interpret the warmth of autumn.

The Sun Flower Necklace is not rid of its shining glare as well, possessing a rather enchanting and eye-catching appearance. Get yourself one, it is the messenger of the sun.

If you are looking for a more subtle color for autumn weddings ensemble, then try these flowery rings. Rich fairy tale, lush serene purple, or romantic gentle rose-pink, will definitely  complement your dress choices. they possess sophisticated designs, and the focus of sight. Whether it is exquisite elegance, dreamy or romantic, whatever personality you want to portray, these rings serve their purposes. If you like twisted and colored jewelry, then you must check out the rose-gold beauty, decorated in vine-like shapes, its delicate carve and patchwork inlaid diamonds inspire romance and pay tribute to the early plants. It is unarguably a feast of autumn flowers!

Create a lasting memory when you present this glimmering necklace to the one you love. Regal and radiant, this necklace is perfect for your wedding occasion. The pendant showcases a round-cut swarovski zirconia resting in a four-prong setting, and a halo frame of smaller round-cut stones wrapping the center stone in a sparkling embrace.

The 925 sterling silver, blue crystal bracelet features an elegant blue crystal perfectly cut into a heart shaped center-stone, and round shaped side stones, with delicate silver chain detailing. The blue crystals seal the autumn wedding feast, showcasing purity, sincerity and solemnity. A never-ending journey of the heart.

Regardless of your choice of a jewelry adornment for your special occasions, have in mind that this is the end of the humid summer, and a prelude to the cold winter. A novel seasonal cycle approaches our beautiful planet. Choose a piece that can be worn again and again, as a special jewelry in your cocktail dress, and as a perfect fashion statement.


For your autumn weddings, accompany your love with a piece from Jurielle's jewelry collections.


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