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Hurray, it’s Halloween season again, don’t you just love the chill of the weather associated with this time of the year? It’s the season of trick or treating, and the idea of an Halloween costume is the bother of most. How should I dress up? Classic girl style? The favorite vampire makeup? Or like an eerie ghoul to turn up the scare? It is simply overwhelming... For almost all adults in the United States, this is an unending cyclical proposition, still the results are not necessarily most satisfactory every year. I believe you always have an idea of an Halloween costume, and you haven’t lost your enthusiasm in spite of age. But after every new attempt, clothing decisions seem to become even more difficult.

Undue hesitation and indecision usually makes you decide on what to wear in the nick of time. And at such, there is not much time left to perfect your overall look. Well, why not just let you dress you up, Juri Elle's Halloween costume accessories brightens you up for the night, turning up the scare. These timeless fashion adornments, beaming focus on the night of chaos, just like a suddenly lit pumpkin lantern, give more inspiration and possibilities to your styling. Here are some options you can explore.

1. Halloween nun costume accessories


The pure nuns will only match black and white tonight, and the style is relatively easy to do; with black dresses and high heels, you can slay in the notorious nun costume. We adorn you with her most devout cross to add brilliance to your look in the most phantom and subtle way. 

2. Halloween Mermaid Costume Accessories

This is a contest against alienation. The mermaid turned into a marine demon in Halloween re-enters the brawl of Halloween night. Gold makes her look noble, and the lightweight design of tassels and hollows cut down the weight. Do you dare to say that the sight of her is not compelling?

3. Halloween grotesque clothing accessories

Ready for an invasion from the ogres? Be alert or she’ll eat your brain and drink your blood. Yummy, that is her delight. A touch of red on the jewelries, and you can't afford not to get the skeletons as well, she’s incomplete without them.

4. Halloween Audrey Hepburn clothing accessories

The beautiful monarch commands loyalty and respect. The timeless classic dress, just the right black and white color, and the gorgeous pearls, are responsible for exuding your charm, an elegant temperament in the chaotic Halloween night is absolutely outstanding.


Feel free to showcase your unique styling, find your own highlights, and enhance it with our jewelry accessories. It will augment your extra, elegant or bloodthirsty personality, whichever you want to show. Use our matching recipes in the library and the corresponding glittering make-up to create an impressive look.

Stand out in this Halloween and let your jewelry do the talking.

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