The Inspiring Story Behind Pumpkin Jewelry——Halloween 2019 Proposal

Encounters may seem the same but the experiences are different

I met Winston at a Halloween party a few years ago. That day he was a cute Popeye with funny looking inflated muscle cuffs on his arms. He stood up, walked up to me and said, "Miss, would you like to see my muscles?" his friends giggled afar off, but he heard them and was a little embarrassed. Though, that instilled a conducive atmosphere for us to get along. Soon, we both discovered that we had several things in common. Surprisingly, after a long conversation, we also found out that our friends knew each other as well. He took that opportunity to get my contact, and offered to take me out on a date, the day after. We went off on that date, and I had a thrilling experience with him. Afterward, it was date after date and before I knew it, a year had gone by, and I had decided to move in with him.

Sailor suit is gone

It was almost Halloween again. I asked him “Where is your strong sailor suit?”. At this time however, he had gained a few pounds, reflecting in his gradually protruding belly, and his supposed inflated muscle was there to stay, even without the suit on. Being only a lady, I realized that “Popeye” was past tense. Winston was a man now, and my finger was still empty. Although nothing else had happened, I was eager to be more to him, I needed a new feeling, I guess.


It’s a week before Halloween, our most anticipated holiday season; and as usual, I wasn’t expecting him to propose.


Winston’s proposal

We were invited to a Halloween party at my friend’s, I was on my way home to pick Winston up so we can join the party. I have been prepping for this Halloween season a long time now and I had decided to be the amusing Statue of Liberty. Oh, I have to remember to bring my cute little torch alongside.

When I got to the yard, I found that some pumpkin lights were added to my home. It was really incredible. Is this a communal distribution? I wondered.


While I walked through the yard in search of Winston, a large pumpkin man jumped into sight, the pumpkin lights in the yard were all lit up, and a bouquet of roses was handed to me by some strange looking people, no offense guys. That’s strange! He walked towards me in the buzz, the funny looking mobile pumpkin, came up to me and said, "Miss, would you like to see my big belly?" The crowd giggled, but I saw something new in his eyes.

It was a déjà vu, I have seen this scene before, I wondered, when I was little. My sister found a crown in the pumpkin lantern, so delicate and dazzling; I wanted one as well so I went in search of another pumpkin lamp, this went on for a long time, until I gave up the futile search. My mother told me later that every girl will find her own pumpkin. “In the fairy tale, it was the chariot Cinderella rode in to see the prince. In real life, it brings happiness to your sister”, she said. Then I asked, “what about me?”


Well I think I found mine, he reached out to his pumpkin costume belly, pulled something out and kneeled: Would you marry me? He asked.

The delicate ring resounds the answer.

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